Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game Hacks To Utilize

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game hacks to utilize

* Why gathering the right orbs colors Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack for your fighters is importantdragon ball z dokkan battle hacked accounts
It is always important for you to pay close attention to the type of fighter/color affiliation that may be tied to any of the characters that are on your team. By doing this, you will be able to know exactly which orbs you should collect as you head to attacking your enemies throughout the game. By doing this, not only are you going to make sure that your characters are going to gather a double amount of Ki but all your characters who will be subjected to this will be able to regain their health again. The thing is, the higher the DEF stat is going to be for a particular character, the more HP the character is going to get back.
* Making use of stronger elements types to defend yourself before an attack
Throughout the game, it is important for you to keep an eye on exactly how a particular fighter is going to proceed to their next turn on the game’s line formation. This will work best once you spot your enemy coming at you. Once you locate them, the next thing to do would be to put your strongest character in your defense. By doing this, you will be able to get in an attack on the character type that is weaker. Once this enemy comes at you, you will have an easier time defending yourself, and it will also be a way in which you can prevent any serious damage from taking place.

* Why not try and aim at the Ki bursts?

Whenever you are picking the Ki orbs that you need when it comes to powering up your fighter, it is always advisable for you to check if you can be able to pull off the Ki bursts first. Most Ki bursts tend to occur when you line up dokkan battle hack first and then absorb orbs of the same color type in a long row. In the event that you do not really spot this opportunity, then it would be advisable for you to collect the rainbow colored ones just in case you come across them.

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