How To Play The Episode Choose Your Story Pc On Your Pc

How to play the episode choose your story pc on your pc

The developers of the episode choose your story game has found a new version of the game, which not only does it play in the hand held devices like phones and tablets, but also in the pc. In case you are a lover of playing games in the pc because it has pure clarity and is enjoyable, the episode choose your story game is for you. The episode choose your story game is and effective way of learning how to socialize as it give you a chance to live your life using your games character. This article will therefore delve on what to do in order to get the game to play in your pc.

Download the episode review KOPLAYER

For the episode choose your story to run correctly in your pc, you need to install an application that helps it run correctly. The application is the KOPLAYER, all you need to do is just open the Google play store, click the name KOPLAYER in the search box and enter. The result will give you the KOPLAYER, which you can then download in your pc.

Run the KOPLAYER episode choose your story hack

Once you have downloaded the application and you have it in your possession, you need to run the application so that it can be installed in your pc. After you have installed it just open, it and run the KOPLAYER android simulator plus you need to log in the play store.
Download the episode
Just like in the android version, you need to download the game in the pc, to do this you need to search it in Google play store and download it, it is just about 170 MB so it should take a lot of time downloading. Once you are done just install the app episode choose your story hack in the computer and start the game, which is now in the computer. After doing all this you can go ahead, choose a story, and enjoy all your way to the last story episode of the game. It is as easy as that, playing in pc is just like in android devices.

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