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Most of the people are spending their free time gaming. We all are busy in our daily life and entertainment requires for living a beautiful life. One of the top trending games is an episode, and it is a very alternative game just because of excellent stories. In the game, we can make our story and publish it on the game platform. The game provides different types of characters, and all are very helpful for achieving some goals. Gems and passes are the vital currencies of the game, and we need to get both of them for playing well. We need to collect some free passes by daily login or choosing the option Episode Hack. Every user must follow some playing guide for a better play. Such types of guides are helpful for getting success in various tasks.

Start with creating Avatar

Avatar is a prime component of the game and in which you will make your avatar. It is a very amazing task for everyone and in which we can change most of the components. There are several types of dresses and some fashion accessories. Always try to give the different high-class look of your avatar and the player can also share his avatar look.

Unlock new stories

In the game, many of things are locked in, and the player must open them for leveling up in the game. Different stories have several kinds of characters, and all are very good for completing some task. Always go for a viral topic because it is very easy to be famous and your rating in the game may be increased.

Resources for playing

Resources of the game are a vital part, and everyone wants to collect them as soon as possible. Passes and gems are very useful currency, but passes are starting currency. On the first login some free passes we will get in the game, and after that, the player earns with playing or Episode Hack.





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